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Meraki Inspired Coaching & Consultation

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Are you exhausted working from home while taking care of your kids and loved ones?

Are your emotions taking over your ability to think clearly, stay motivated and get shit done everyday?

Do you struggle being the strong, optimistic and resourceful one when you really feel anxious, scared and helpless?

What if you were in control of your thoughts and feelings so that you had the energy to focus on what matters.

Over the last few weeks your “to-do” list has gotten longer, more complex and many of the new responsibilities feel out of your wheelhouse.

What makes it worse is that you no longer have a sanctuary to escape to at the end of the day because your work has come home.

You don’t have room to breathe.

It’s suffocating because you don’t have a moment to escape the chaos around you.

Social media, the news, social isolation – you feel more alone than ever, and yet you don’t have a second to yourself.

From the minute you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow at night, you’re pulled in a million different directions, trying to hold it together.

You’re exhausted, afraid and overwhelmed, but you’re used to putting on a brave face and pushing forward. It’s what you do.

But this is different.

You feel defeated, helpless and vulnerable so you turn to food and alcohol to numb the feelings, to make sense of what is happening in the world, in your life, and in your home.

If you maintain the “everything is fine” approach, you’ll be able to support the people around you only for so long.

Eventually you’ll burn out physically and emotionally and everything you’ve been trying to keep together will fall apart.

♥️ You are not alone.
♥️ You deserve to feel, understand and be with the emotions of this experience.
♥️ You deserve to create a safe space for your mental, emotional and physical well-being so that you can keep moving forward.

But to do that you need to put your oxygen mask on first.

‼️Introducing the “???????? ???? ?????????” class.‼️

This class helps women who are struggling in these uncertain times, to take control of your thoughts and feelings so you can show up powerfully for yourself and your loved ones.

It’s happening on Saturday April 18 and will run for about 2-3 hours. The class is a live event on Zoom and will start at 6:00 pm.

If you find it difficult to focus, stay motivated, and productive as well as take care of yourself, especially in the wake of this pandemic, this class is for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

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You’re on an emotional roller coaster and there’s no end in sight.
You’re adapting to new routines, finding different ways to stay focused and productive, not to mention take care of loved ones.
In this step you’ll learn how to master your emotions so you can focus and show up powerfully for yourself, your job and your loved ones.

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Putting yourself first has always felt selfish or lazy, but you need to squash that myth, ASAP.
Managing multiple roles from home is overwhelming and exhausting. Learn how to create space for yourself so that you can avoid burnout when the stakes are high.

Master this step and you’ll avoid overloading your life with unrealistic expectations and pressures that will send you into an emotional tail-spin.

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You don’t need more things on your “to-do” list.
In this step you’ll learn easy, practical ways to safeguard your mental and emotional wellness so that you can stay healthy and well.

These simple boosts will keep you energized, focused, motivated and connected to what matters most right now.

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In this final step you’ll use your inner strengths to help you and others cope. Use these tools effectively, and you’ll feel empowered, grounded, and capable of leading in chaos.

You’ll Also Get:

✅ ????? ?: 20 Mindset Reflection prompts, rooted in the science of emotional intelligence, that will help settle your emotions so you can think, feel and act clearly.
✅ ????? ?: The “Self-Care Survival Kit” to help support your physical, mental and emotional well-being when tension and anxiety is high.
✅ ????? ?: A quick and simple “Oxygen Mask” checklist to bring you back to centre when you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Ladies, I know everything is up in the air right now and nothing makes sense in the world.

I know you’re not used to making time for yourself but now more than ever the people you love need you.

If you keep doing what you’re doing – trying to keep up, manage alone, and “balance” the collision of work and life, you will burn out. Fast.

You can’t afford that. Not now.

‼️For one time only, on April 18th at 6:00 pm you can join the live class plus get the bonus worksheets for just $??‼️

I’ll share everything you need to know about mindset, balance and self-care to get you through one of the most uncertain times in our lives.

And I promise, you won’t feel an ounce of guilt, shame or remorse doing it because your well-being is not optional.

So, if you want to get in on this class, reserve your spot now even if you can’t make it live. I get it, things are busy, that’s why this is an evening event.

Everyone who registers gets the recording of the event, and the bonus worksheets, plus you’ll save $100.

After the live event, recordings can be purchased for $197.

GUARANTEE: If you join the class and don’t feel you’ve learned anything new or don’t come away feeling more empowered, focused and relieved, I’ll return your money no questions asked.

??? ????????: Email Susan at and I will send you the payment link. ?

***Note: this program can also be scheduled for organizations, teams and groups who need support. Looking for something more personalized, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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I help women lead and live unapologetic, unconventional and unf*ckwithable lives with courage and confidence. Using the science of emotional intelligence along with a social work, adult education, coaching and leadership development background, I offer a comprehensive and engaging experience.

I work with individuals, groups and teams to leverage their strengths, skills and mindset to create change that has lasting impact – personally and professionally.

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Burlington, Ontario

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